You will need
    • Milk or yogurt 2 cups
    • egg 3pcs.
    • vanilla - 1пакет
    • yeast is fresh - 50 g.
    • butter or margarine - 250g.
    • sugar - 1.5 stack.
    • flour - 6-7стак.,pinch if
    • jam to taste.
One of the most common recipes of the pie called "kuh" is presented below. For a start, a Cup of sugar, salt and yeast must be diluted in a little warm milk. Then add half of the flour, knead thoroughly and leave in a warm place, so that the resulting mass went. After mass taposiris and will increase in volume approximately two times you need to add the beaten eggs, melted butter and remaining flour. All of these components then the dough is made. And once again, you should give it a go. The milk in the recipe instead of sour milk, and margarine for butter.
When the dough is still a little come, it should knead again and put in a regular, greased, standard form or roll out to a thickness of 1-1,5 cm and put on a baking sheet.
Next you need to prepare the powder. The powder is prepared from butter, sugar, flour and vanilla. Should fifty grams of butter to pound and a half Cup of sugar and the sachet of vanilla. Flour you need to add enough to get a kind baby.

There is a slightly different recipe crumbs: leaves margarine with flour, add sugar, egg and flour. No kneading, just mix all the ingredients so to make a baby.
The top of the cake sprinkle the resulting oil-sugar baby, give a little brew (about twenty minutes) and put in oven. Can the top of the cake spread with jam, which you prefer and then sprinkle with crumbs.
Approx cooking time of the pie "Kuh" is from half an hour to forty minutes. When the product is a little browned, you can determine his readiness by sticking in a pie a match or a toothpick. Dry the shaft will attest to the fact that the cake is ready, the remnants of the test match will indicate that the cake inside is still raw.