To open the Opera browser double click on its shortcut located on the desktop or single click, if the program icon is located in the main menu of the operating system. Will sirutkaitis in less than two seconds. Button to open a browser can also be mounted in a so-called quick launch toolbar, located just to the right of the call button from the "start menu" at the bottom of the screen on the taskbar. Open the browser from the quick launch bar is made with a single mouse click.
Open the start menu and at the top of his right column click on the "Internet". This simplified method run is that the browser is one of the main programs in the Windows operating system. Please note that to run it in Opera, it needs to be assigned a default browser. That is, even if you have installed several different browsers, one of them should be installed by default. Then its icon will be permanently enshrined in the "start" menu. To assign the default browser, set this parameter to its settings, or use the service "Select default programs" in "control Panel" Windows.
When you open any Internet shortcut from the desktop or any other folder, and hyperlinks from text files or multimedia presentations, the Opera browser if it is installed by default, will automatically start. For easy opening of certain pages place shortcuts to frequently opened pages on the desktop, run it and browse using Opera browser.