You will need
  • - computer with Windows;
  • video file;
  • - a set of codecs K-Lite Codec Pack.
Download out of Internet a set of codecs K-Lite Codec Pack. It is completely free and includes the necessary codecs to play all formats of video files. In addition, the codec pack is player, with which you will be able to know the formats you are interested in video files. To download the codecs you need for your operating system version, or they may not be installed, and if installed, can work incorrectly. Install codec package to your computer. Then restart the computer.
Click the left mouse button on the video file, the format of which you want to learn. In the ensuing context menu, click "Open with" and among the list of players, select Media Player Classic Home Cinema. If the player in the context menu does not appear, then in the same menu there is a line "program Selection". Select it and specify the path to the player. The player is in the same folder where you have installed the codec package. Select it to open the file.
When you start playing the video, pause it by pressing the pause (gap). Now at the top of the program window, click File. Opens an additional menu. In it, select Properties. Opens a new window where you select the tab MediaInfo. Pull the slider down until you see the Video section. Now in this section you will find the Format string, in front of her and set the format of the video file. You will also be able to know the flow rate of the video file, the version of the codec, which is needed for playback, and other settings.
Learn format video player KMPlayer. Open the video player. In the playback window, click the right mouse button and select "record Information". Then find the Video section and Format. Next will be information about the file format.