Open the folder containing the file for which you want to know the video codec, click the right mouse button, from context menu select "Open with". From the list that appears - Windows Media Player.
Start playback of the video file in the right window pane in the playlist, click the name of the file, right-click. Select from context menu "Properties". Go to the tab "File". To find out the video codec, see "video Codec". It will indicate the name of the codec.
Download the program GSpot, it is designed to work with video and determine the video and audio codecs. The program is able to recognize 719 video codecs and 245 audio. Bol also supports six media formats.
Please go to the official website of the manufacturer, click on the desired version, then select the link to Download GSpot, choose a location to save the file. Then wait for the download to finish, install the software on the computer to see the codecs of the video files.
Run the application GSpot to see what codec was compressed video. In the program window, click the "File" menu, click "Open". In the opened dialog box, select the folder that contains the video, click on it with the mouse and select the option "Open".
Wait until the file is added to the program, the time will depend on file size. In window GSpot will show all the information you need, in particular in the section of the Video will indicate the name of the codec that compressed the video.
A similar program to determine the codecs is a utility called Videoinspektor to download it, go to the manufacturer website – After installing the program team will be available in the context menu of video files.
To know the codec, just click the right mouse button on the desired video file and you will get the information you need from the context menu.