Easy to remove dry dust from the lens can be air stream, but this stream needs to be fired from a clean, dry syringe, and not from your mouth. Blowing dust off the lens, you risk even more cleanly drops of saliva. It is also unacceptable to clean the dust off the lens with your finger. Fingerprints are much harder to remove than simple dust.
Do not clean lens cleaning wipes – they can cover the glass lenses a network of tiny scratches. You can use a special soft brush, which must be carefully and without pressure to clean the lens, as otherwise it can leave scratches, or special wipes to clean camera optics. These tissues release the company manufacturing photo equipment.
If your lens gets wet, don't wait till it dries, especially if the glass was not water, and some oil, juice or alcohol. Carefully remove drops clean cotton swab (don't press on the crystal and directing a cotton swab from the center to the edges of the lens. To remove the dried drops of fluids, breathe on the lens to smoke, and immediately wipe the lens with a dry cotton swab.
Especially resistant liquid stains may be removed with ordinary alcohol. Lightly moisten one cotton swab in alcohol and keep dry. Gently wipe it with a damp cotton swab to clean the lens, so that the alcohol trace on the glass instantly evaporate, and then breathe on the lens and wipe with a dry cotton swab. Soaked in alcohol stick it clean grease stains on the lens.
In the case of cleaning the lens from the grease stains, you may have to repeat several times the alcohol cleaning until the lens becomes clear again.
Alcohol cleaning is suitable only for glass lenses. If you have a simple camera with a plastic lens, the use of solvents is impossible. Try to prevent contamination of the lens during use with the camera.