Use ordinary metal mesh, if you are dealing with enamel or metal utensils. Before washing, use one of the suggested ways to facilitate the process of cleaning the burnt particles from the pan walls. First, you can sprinkle badly burnt the bottom of the dish with a thick layer of baking soda. Then pour her a small amount of water and leave for a long time, for example, at night. In the morning you can easily remove simmering leftover food and regain the lost purity. To accelerate the process of laundering can be prepared solution boil for a few minutes.
Second, to achieve the original luster allows a standard bulb. Cut it into 8 pieces, add one tablespoon of salt and fill to the burnt area disappeared under the water. The resulting mass simmer for ten minutes until the lag Gary.
Remove old carbon deposits in the following way. Take a tank or a large galvanized bucket. Place the spoiled dishes, completely fill it with water. Add about one hundred grams of silicate glue and one packet of soda ash or grated pieces of soap. Close the tank lid and place on the stove. Wait until boiling and reduce heat so the liquid is gently boiled for four to six hours. Then leave the pot in the tank to cool down. Armed with a wire brush or a synthetic mesh and RUB zagorevskii place any detergent, for example, baking soda or powder dishwashing detergent.
If the dirt work behind and you're unhappy with the result, then repeat the process of boiling. If you are satisfied with the achieved effect, the completion of all work thoroughly clean the utensils with clean running water.