You will need
  • - Artificial stone cladding;
  • - additional elements to it;
  • glue.
Choose from a great variety of products offered , the stonewhich suits you and will look good in the overall interior of the house. Measure the surface area you intend to lay a stone, to calculate the amount of material, and add at least ten percent on the "battle". Buying artificial stone, don't forget about the additional elements (corners and ends) - they greatly simplify the work of fitting joints and decoration of corners.
For bathroom or kitchen "apron" artificial stone is also very suitable, if you handle it water-repellent composition. Very original look lined with stone bath and part of the wall, for example, around the mirror or doorway. Artificial stone, unlike natural, do not take much space because its thickness is not more than two inches. Combine it with metal, glass, wood, plaster - of these materials, the stone looks very organic and natural.
Veneer stone start after the installation of door and window openings and ceiling finish. But if the property is not new and is not planned overhaul, don't be afraid to start the trim - it's not dirty and dusty process.
It is advisable to buy cement glue, grout and impregnation of proprietary from the manufacturer of this stone, because the quality of the supplies directly affects the reliability and durability of the veneer. Buy special nail Polish to create the effect of wet surface that is perfect for bath or pool.
Treat the surface of the wall on which you place the stone. Get rid of old paint and Wallpaper, metal and wood surface, apply the stucco with a metal mesh. In this case, the metal surface is clean from rust, and wood impregnated waterproofing composition. Uneven wall stucture cement-sand mixture.
Chisel a stone loggia or a fireplace, a winter garden or a decorative niche, a part of the bar or table top metal coffee table - fantasize endlessly. In the process of lining you will see that it is easy to work and responsive material.