As soon as the baby cut first teeth, you should teach him oral hygiene. After every meal mom should gently wipe the baby's mouth with a bandage or gauze soaked in soda solution. When the baby celebrates her second birthday, you need to show him how to brush teeth. Well, if that's the time mom first time you take the child to the dentist.
In 2 years processing takes place in kindergarten, no wonder the sanitation of the oral cavity included in the mandatory list of procedures that should pass the future kindergartner. On the first visit, the dentist tells the little patient about how important it is to monitor the cleanliness of the teeth because healthy baby teeth are key to good permanent teeth.
In 6-7 years in preschool begin to appear permanent teeth. At this point, the mouth dolzna to be perfectly healthy, otherwise the decay is with great pleasure that spread to new immature teeth. It's time to visit the dentist for the procedure of fissure sealing. Enamel new teeth soft. For aging you want year and this year it is particularly vulnerable. Sealant can protect it from destruction.
9-12 years is to make the remineralization of teeth. Just at this time, almost all the milk teeth are replaced by permanent. In dentistry, baby teeth the cast is removed, it made a mouth guard to both jaws. Home mouth guard filled with a special gel, from which the tooth receives calcium, phosphorus, strengthens teeth tissue. Wearing a mouth guard is enough for 20 minutes a day for 2 weeks followed by a break.
It is very important that children and young body is getting the calcium and vitamin D3, promoting its absorption. In the child's diet must be present dairy products, brown bread, greens, sesame seeds, dried fruit, cabbage. Has proved to be excellent mustard oil, which is an alternative to cod-liver oil. It contains needed for absorption of calcium omega-3 fatty acids.