In case of hypersensitivity of the teeth in the first place is to pay attention to personal hygiene items. Choose a toothbrush with medium bristles, and your toothpaste does not contain baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, pyrophosphates and other alkalis or acids. Such substances can damage even healthy enamel.
Dental treatment is using the procedure of sealing the teethwith increased sensitivityYu, medications, fluoride and calcium. In addition to reducing the sensitivity of the enamel, this procedure strengthens the teeth and is an excellent preventive measure against the development of caries.
The treatment of hyperesthesia is the following. With teeth removed casts on them is made transparent cap, inside of which lays the active substance and the mouthpiece is worn on the teeth. Active substance the dentist selects depending on the condition of tooth enamel and other health indicators.
Can also be used various fluorine-containing varnishes, which simply cover the tooth enamel. Usually dentists use a drug flyuokal. It can be applied on teeth with brush or in the form of applications. Substance perfectly adheres to the teeth and a long time saturates enamel fluoride.
Relatively recently been developed another method of treatment of hyperesthesia therapeutic film "diplan". Patients note that the sensitivity is markedly reduced after 2-3 applications.
To strengthen enamel dentists are also actively using bischofite substance that inhibits the growth of microorganisms. Substance included in the composition of varnishes applied to teeth, medical applications and dressings. Release toothpaste with the content of bischofite, which are recommended for use in case of hypersensitivity of the tooth enamel.