You will need
  • ОС Windows.
Some applications are configured so that a click on the icon with the cross did not close the program, but only rolled up her window. If you are not sure what stopped the application of this method, look for its icon in the tray and close the program completely by using the appropriate item in the context menu of the icon, it opens by clicking the right button of the mouse.
A program that runs full screen with no window with the x in the upper right corner can be closed using the "hot keys". Use Alt + F4 instead of clicking the close icon of the window to complete the work, for example, a full-screen computer games.
For emergency stopping the operation of the programs, use the "task Manager" Windows. If you close the application the usual way is not possible, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete. In some versions of OS - like Windows XP - is that enough appeared on the screen Manager window, in others - for example, Windows 7 - click on the line "Start task Manager" in the interim menu.
On the Applications tab in the Manager window, locate the table row of the desired program. The "frozen" apps in the column "Status" in this table instead of writing "Works" placed mark "Not responding". Select the line program and click "end task".
If you don't see the desired program, click on the tab "Processes". Here are similar list, but instead of program names in the left column of "image Name" - contains the names of executable files. It's a little difficult to locate, but in the right hand column - "Description" provides a brief explanation of the purpose of each application or its full name. Using data from these two columns, find the desired program, select its row in the table and click "End process".