You will need
  • - brick is a simple;
  • - refractory brick;
  • - cement;
  • - sand;
  • boards for shelves;
  • - facing material.
The easiest way to alter the furnace under fireplace is simply to establish a Finnish glass door is a cast-iron oven door. While maintaining all of the heating properties of the stove, but in addition there will be a feature fireplace. This option is the most economical in financial terms and in complexity. After reinstalling the door the stove will arrange beautifully in a folk style. And on cold winter evenings you can spend time contemplating the flames of the fire through the glass door.
If you have decided to radically liberate the room from the furnace, and in its place put up the fireplace, then have a time consuming job.
To start dismantle the old oven to the ground. Old bricks can be used for the construction of the podium of the fireplace. It will burn fuel. Follow the construction on a cement-sandy solution. In the body of the podium lay a niche for firewood. Cover them with three rows of ordinary brick or a number of simple and refractory brick put on an edge.
On the catwalk have a portal, this is the place where will be the process of combustion. Define the portal in accordance with the General dimensions of the room. In a small room it should not take too much space. Make sure to properly calculate the size of the combustion window. If you make it much larger than stipulated, will receive regular drafts and hypothermia of the room. And such a fireplace is usually a lot of smoke.
Calculate the smoke hole of the fireplace. It must be 10-15 times smaller than the area of the bore of the furnace parts. Maybe have a little sause fireplace.
The depth of the firebox of the fireplace do in relation to the height of the portal as 1 to 2 2 to 3 because a smaller depth will cause smoke, and most will reduce the heat transfer.
Portal hole cover fireplace brick lintels. Arrange them on a special form (the wheels). Start the work with the laying of the toe. Cradling back temporary supports. After the supporting toe on the wheels install the center bricks and keep the clutch at the same time on both sides. The overlap of the curved vaults and smoke box lay not more than 6 cm.
For lining, use the style and materials that best fit to the overall design of the room. The choice of materials here is not limited. But for the mantel shelf is best suited plank of treated oak.