If you need to cut wall tile, you can use for this purpose ordinary roller glass cutter. It is forbidden to use a diamond roller glaziers. To begin, make markings with a pencil or marker. Then place the tiles on a flat surface and even pressure on the cutter, press it to the far edge of the tile to itself. To do it in such a way that the enamel is still visible stripes. To cut only once. Then you just have to break the tile along the score line. For this purpose put a match under it or a small stud. Gently press on both sides of the line.
The glass cutter is recommended for use when the scope of work is not large and you can do without the tile. Remember, a glass cutter is quite difficult to perform a large amount of work. If you need to cut more than a dozen tiles, it is best to buy the tile. Different tile from the glass cutter the size of the wheel. The tile it more. They can make the cut to a greater depth. Tile is very similar to forceps as it has a device with which you can break the tiles after application of the notch.
And glass cutter and tile can be easily cut wall tiles. You can also try to cut their tiles. Perhaps you will succeed, however, such tiles it is best to buy a stationary tile. It can be used to cut tile with fewer losses and more accurately. In the end, it is best to purchase a stationary tile.
At the moment the store has a large selection of tile. However, it should be borne in mind that the saws that cost less than 500 rubles, are of poor quality. Good tile must have a rigid base. Guides must have thick walls.