You will need
  • - pliers for mosaic;
  • - an angle grinder with a diamond around;
  • - Scotch;
  • Board.
Typically, tiles for mosaic go on sale in the form of paintings, attached to a paper or fiberglass-based. To separate the desired number of tiles you can use scissors.
The clippers mosaicism professional tool for cutting mosaic tiles to give it the desired shape are special pliers. Unfortunately, the ability to cut curved pieces only comes with experience. Take the wire cutters for the end of the sticks. This is necessary in order to create maximum leverage. Place the "head" of the pliers so that it was directed to the fracture line. Firmly clamp the tile between the index, middle and thumb. Install the nippers on the tile. If you need to cut a tile in half, you should install the cutting edges of the cutters to the middle of it. To cut a small piece to grab the wire cutters small part. Gently press on the handles of the pliers. Rotate the head of bolt cutters to set the cut direction. If the tiles are cut unevenly - tweak it, "bite" lisee.There is also another variety of pliers for mosaic and roller cutters. This tool allows craftsmen to cut the tiles into the smallest parts, and to give it in absolutely any form. Work with roller cutters requires a certain skill and experience.
Cutting mosaics with mosaic bulgariatecto strip using scissors. Place it on a flat Board and secure with transparent tape. Take a grinder and carefully cut the tile at the desired angle. Hold the tool perpendicular to the surface of the tiles. The movement should be smooth, without jerks. Peel off the tape that holds the mosaic on the Board.