Advice 1: How to eat fiber

The daily diet of our ancestors consisted mainly of cereals. Through them they receive from 40 to 60 g of fiber. Fiber is crude fiber, which the body is unable to process, but it is an important part of the diet. Modern people most of them get through the consumption of fruit and vegetables. This is not always enough and sometimes the doctors recommend to take extra fiber. It is produced by many firms. Admission rules are very simple.
How to eat fiber
You will need
  • - Cellulose.
Taking fiber, start with half a teaspoon, gradually increasing the dose over two weeks to daily in 2-3 tablespoons. The dose should be divided into several stages. So you can avoid the side effects from taking fiber: gas, bloating, etc.
It is advisable to take fiber half an hour before meals. For ease of use mix required quantity of powder in a Cup of the thick drink (fermented baked milk, kefir, yogurt, or juice). Stir and allow to steep for 2-3 minutes. Fiber swell and it will be easier to drink. The intake of dietary fiber contributes to feelings of satiety.
If you are not very nice to drink beverages with fiber, then enrich it with any products, add any of first, second dishes, salads and pastries. It can also be used instead of bread crumbs. Don't forget to consume more liquids between meals, otherwise the fiber will cause constipation.
Do not consider fiber a panacea for all diseases. Try to vary your diet, eat more vegetables and fruit, reduce intake of easily digestible carbohydrates, move more.

Some network pharmacies produce supplements that addition of fiber contain different herbs, promoting more effective cleansing of the body. There are supplements that reduce blood pressure.

There are diseases in which tissue is contraindicated. It's a stomach ulcer, ulcerative colitis and enterocolitis of infectious etiology.
Useful advice
Crude fiber is a substrate for the microflora of our intestines. Bacteria that inhabit it, are able to synthesize the necessary for the normal functioning of vital components: vitamins, hormones, amino acids, etc.

Without the fiber is disturbed the balance of microorganisms in intestines and people suffering from dysbiosis.

Fiber improves bowel function, cleanses the digestive tract, reduces the absorption of fat, eliminates toxins.

Advice 2 : Fiber in pharmacy: properties

Fibre is a fibre of vegetable origin, which are necessary for good functioning of the digestive system. Those who do not have enough of fiber from food, you can buy it at the pharmacy.
properties of fiber

What is fiber

In General, there are two types of fiber: insoluble and soluble. The first type is obtained from bran, vegetables, it contains lignin and cellulose. Soluble fiber is pectin and vegetable gums, which are also contained in vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes.

Insoluble fiber helps rid the body of wastes, toxins and other harmful elements. With regular use, indicators of glucose and cholesterol in the blood.

For the regulation of the digestion process and the onset of saturation necessary fiber. Under the influence of gastric juice, it swells, thus preventing overeating.

Pharmacy properties of fiber

The pharmacy fiber can be found in the form of bran, microcrystalline cellulose, cake and meal. Under the strange name of the meal & cake hiding the crushed seeds of flax, sesame, pumpkin, and milk Thistle. They are most often presented in the form of bars that are perfect for snacking.

Bran and microcrystalline cellulose before application to add to soup, yoghurt, juice, yogurt or add water. And during the day we must not forget to drink plenty of fluids because fiber absorbs it like a sponge, when it swells and fills the stomach.

The most important property of fiber, purchased in the pharmacy, is considered the blunting hunger. This is what its like women who wish to lose weight. If you add a small amount of bran in the dish, once in the stomach, they swell and fill most of it, thereby contributing to the emergence of feelings of satiety.

Convenient tissue to use during the diet to not want to constantly eat. And in the evening you can mix bran with yogurt is a great alternative to a late dinner.

Pharmacy fiber helps to cleanse the body of toxins, it adsorbs on its surface the harmful substances and removes them from the body. With regular use the skin takes on a fresh look, healthy color and radiance, pimples and inflammation disappear.

Fiber prevents constipation, improves digestion, improves intestinal peristalsis, microflora is normalized. In the end, if you eat fiber from a pharmacy each day in acceptable doses, can significantly lose weight and improve your body: reduce sugar, cholesterol and to clean the intestines.

Advice 3 : How to use the benefits of fiber for weight loss

You know that the secret to simple and effective weight loss opened. And he is not in the use of expensive drugs. There is a wonderful way that will help to get rid of extra pounds everyone. If used correctly the benefits of fiber for weight loss can be easily and permanently lose weight without strict diets and restrictions.

The beneficial properties of fiber

Fiber is part of plant products. Eating it every day, you can bring your body the maximum benefit. Fiber is of two types - soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber contain oatmeal, citrus, carrots. Once in the water they create a jelly-like mass, which, filling the stomach creates a feeling of satiety. And fiber helps to normalize the level of glucose and cholesterol in the blood. Insoluble fiber helps prevent constipation, thereby to normalize the bowels. This contains fiber, bran, nuts, dried fruits, legumes and various vegetables. Fiber intake is very important for the health of the human body. Include foods rich in fiber in your diet, you can easily get rid of bowel problems, reduce bad cholesterol, normalize blood sugar and lose unwanted pounds.

So with the help of fiber reduce the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular and even cancer.

Fiber for weight loss

How to use the benefits of fiber for weight loss. Why regularly eating fiber can easily lose weight? First, foods rich in fiber take longer to chew. And so, the signal that you are full, the body gets slower. So, will you eat much less. And the feeling of hunger will get back to you soon. Secondly, the body will get fewer calories and volume of food will be the same as when consuming refined foods. This means that to lose weight or just not gain the extra pounds, eating fiber, it will be much easier.

How to use products rich in fiber

Cereals, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, greens and beans contain the most fiber.

Daily eating foods rich in fiber, you will gradually begin to get rid of extra pounds. Where to start?

First, eat more fruits and vegetables. Enter in a morning diet of cereals with a high content of dietary fiber. Regular consumption of buckwheat, oats or porridge of brown rice will provide you with the necessary amount of fiber. An important condition is that porridge should be prepared from whole grains. Cook side dishes and first courses with legumes. To make it easier to control their use, make a rough weekly menu. So it will be easier to plan the availability of foods rich in fiber in your diet.

Second, add dietary fiber, bought at the pharmacy, ready-made meals. For example, in porridge, soups, milk drinks. Prepare farinaceous dishes using oats or bran. For weight loss, you can use the fiber in an omelet, pancakes, pancakes. Well in the test apples or zucchini, grated on a grater nibs. Try to add fiber to batter for muffins or biscuits.

Thirdly, drink more water. It enhances the benefits of fiber for weight loss. Two liters of water daily intake for those who consume fiber.

Fourthly, start to eat fiber in small portions. Dramatically increase fiber intake is not recommended. If dishes of fiber, minimally expose them to heat treatment, since fiber tends to deteriorate.

Start slowly to enjoy the benefits of fiber for weight loss, and the result will simply amaze you.

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