Start to breed parrots around the beginning of summer. This is the time when the birds have already managed to enjoy fresh grass and bask in the sun, when daylight is long enough for hatching. In principle, the budgies can get Chicks at any other time of the year, but this time is optimal for good development of the young generation. Discard information a early spring – they get too few vitamins and too weak.
The age of the parrots, are able to breed from six months, but such young budgies can be difficult. Young males will not feed the females, and young females are often unable to give birth. The optimal age for breeding is 1 year.
как создать паруволнистчх попугайчиков
Pitch special breeding houses for the birds. Nesting house is a box of the following dimensions: bottom – 15x15 cm, height 25-30 cm, the size of the hole is 4, 5 cm in diameter. The pole on which the male will feed the female, needs to protrude 10 cm On the bottom of the house with a thick layer (3-4 cm) pour sawdust. Make the cover removable, making it easy to observe the development of the nestlings and clean the house.
как сделать клетку для волнистых попугаев
Pick up a good pair. Follow the birds – well-matched couple will be spending a lot of time together, the male will give the female particular attention. The first egg the female must defer approximately 10 days after the suspension of the house. Then she will lay one egg every other day. Chicks will begin to hatch in 17-20 days after hatching. Remember that not all Chicks hatch at once, but gradually, and at this time to disturb the family in any case it is impossible – adult birds may be scared and break the eggs, because the shell in this period is very thin and fragile.
как различать попугаев мужской или женский пол
Put the grown Chicks to another cage 2 weeks after birth.
как узнать пол маленького папугайчика