You will need
  • - a piece of paper or card
  • - handle
Start with the treatment - darling, darling, dear(th). This is followed by the name of the person you congratulations. If you do not know how to him(it) apply or have not yet decided on their status in relation to that person, just the name. The appeal is written on top, in the center of the sheet(card). At the end of the line put an exclamation point.
Next, write the following words: "I Congratulate You (you) happy holidays!" Mark, what is a holiday, and why do you congratulate him of this man. For example, because she is the most beautiful woman, or he is the most wonderful teacher.
Write your wishes is important for you man. List the several benefits which, in your opinion, it is not enough. Here you can insert a poem of his own composition, or copied from a special book of congratulations.
Signature. This is your name, your position or your status in relation to the person you congratulations. For example, "friend Tanya", "the grandmother Valya or collective pastry shop №13". Before your name can be put the words "whole" or "sincerely". You can also put the number. The signature is usually placed in the lower right corner of a sheet of paper (cards).
And the final touch - draw a funny picture, flower or heart. However, this item is not required if you do not have artistic abilities or believe the figure is superfluous.