First, understand that the usual scissors , the nails can not be cropped in any case. The fact that after obstrigli nail scissors (no matter how advanced they may be) cracks. And this is a sure way to splitting nails. If you to this day Bob off the nails using scissors, cut the thing – it won't lead to anything good.
It is best to use clippers and a nail file. It is desirable (but not required) to get the wire cutters on the width of your nails. Moreover, these two tools can pretty well combine. You can simply prepare your nails with a nail file or use clippers, then file for giving nails a smooth, rounded shape.
Wire cutter is a special device, which is quite convenient to cut nails. The clippers may have different widths, so that you have the opportunity to pick up the instrument individually. However, the clippers still need to be able to use it. Not obligate the nail entirely. Depending on the shape of the nail, you can grab a first lateral side and then the middle or just the middle. Just do not overdo it with the grip to the nail not the crack went or he did not break from the pressure.
The blade is also better to choose individually. If you take too rough a nail file, you also risk over time, to stratify nails. Working with abrasive saws, remember that they can be cut only in one direction. The best nail files are those that are made of glass. They prefer to use the master of manicure cases.
The length of the nail should first be cut with cutters, and then make sawdust. If the length of the nail is small, you can use only one blade.