You will need
  • - the computer with the installed program.
Start Microsoft Word, select File – Open or click the Open button on the standard toolbar. Select the document you want to unlock. To remove protection Word document, run the command "File" – "Save as". Select a save location, file type, select "Web page" and click "OK". You can then unprotect a Word document.
Open the folder in which you saved the document as a web page. This file will have the extension HTML. Right-click the mouse on the document, click "Open with" to remove the document protection, choose the program Notepad. Find the command "Search" in the code of the document the following tag: <w:UnprotectPassword>, in this tag, in turn, find the line, it will look approximately so: w:nprotectPassword>ABCDEF01</w:UnprotectPassword>. Between the tags will be the password to modify the document. To remove the password from the document, copy it to the clipboard, then open the document in Word and unlock using the found password.
You can also open the document in a hexadecimal editor, find the value of the password, overwrite it four 0x00. Next, open the document in Word and use a blank password to remove the document protection.
Save the document in the format .docx. Change the file extension to .zip (context menu on the file, click Rename, remove .docx, instead enter .zip). Open the resulting archive, select the file settings.xml click "Extract". Open this file with a text editor, find the following tag <w:documentProtection ... />, remove it. Next, add the file settings.xml in the files, confirm the file replacement. Rename the archive file with the extension .docx. Open the document in Word, the protection is removed.