You will need
  • Software Microsoft Office 2007.
When opening files that were saved in Office earlier, it becomes impossible to apply some of the options that appeared in the software package Office 2007. In this mode, you can safely edit and save files, because the inscription warns only about the impossibility of full functioning.
To remove this message, you must save the open file format Office 2007. It is worth noting that when the file is saved in the new format it is possible to use all the new options, but they are not available in other versions. Most likely, the file will not open in other editors, if there is no Converter formats.
To convert the document in another format, click the button with the Office logo, in the opened list, click "Convert". You will see a new window that warns about the possible consequences of the conversion. When you confirm the file conversion program is one of the Microsoft Office programs will replace the current document file with the new format.
If you need both versions of the document, for example, the file format of Office 2003 and Office 2007, save the source document, using "Save as" from the main menu.
In earlier versions of Microsoft Office programs "reduced functionality mode" means an unregistered copy of the product. To get rid of this label in the title bar, it is necessary to activate Microsoft Office, because in this mode, any program from this package will last you only 30 days.
Activation of Microsoft Office versions 2003 and earlier, happens after I purchase a volume license key. This key allows you to activate Office an unlimited number of times.