Online popular texts, mainly of two types – rewriting and cooperating. If you are willing to rewrite the article, substituting similar words, but without changing the meaning, you get rewriting. Copywriting – fully the author's text, but again, on a given topic. You can compare these two types of texts, outlining and writing.

How to start making money on texts?
Simple enough. You can take an old magazine or cookbook and to reprint a few articles from there. Most importantly, these texts were unique, i.e., does not contain copies on the Internet. Therefore, it is recommended to take the old paper editions, failed to get into the world wide web.

Or the Internet to find any suitable article. Suppose you're an expert on the breeding of plants or notable movie. That email or put your own words in articles that are close to your interests.

How to check the text for uniqueness?
Use the program Advego Plagiatus or Etxt Antiplagiat. You can check the tektite and online, but these two software is more reliable and more accurate. You can download them on any software, just type the title and "download" in the search line.

So, you've written and checked the article, what to do next? Go text-based exchange to sell your text. Better to start with Advego. On this site it is possible to sell the article to 1000 characters in about 20 rubles. But you're not ogranichetsya one article? For day novice-rewriter could write about 5 texts. Total, 100. Not bad for a first time. In parallel with the sales you can take orders at the same Advego, not only earning but gaining experience and improving your rating.

Etxt,– also very popular ones, and sign up for them if you want to make money online by writing.

Now a few tips for writing quality articles.

If you rewrite, unfamiliar words, be sure to find out their values, explain clearly and precisely in his STAE, to the customer it was all clear.

Experiment, move away from templates and trite expressions, paste the text of your phrase. Get live text try to read it, the customer is interested in, something he touched.

Do not send an article for sale or to the customer immediately after writing. Let "cool off" and to her and to himself, and then reread with a fresh mind. It's possible you'll see some flaws, mistakes.