You will need
  • - Eraser.
Define the files to be deleted. It should be remembered that some categories of files may be required in carrying out certain works. Evaluate the likelihood of possible use of the files intended for deletion and make the final decision.
Collect all files to delete in one folder. This step is optional but will allow more time to consider whether to remove the selected files and folders.
Open the context menu by clicking right mouse button on the folder and select Delete. This action moves the folder to be delete files to the recycle Bin.
Call up the service menu by right-clicking the mouse on the "Trash" icon and select "empty trash".
Format the selected drive for the next stage of deletion of data. This method is more reliable than the simple deletion of the files through the "Basket" because it erases the address table of the disk. However, the computer wizard will be able to recover most of the information that was on the disk before formatting.
Use the method of erasing the disk. This new safe technology guarantees that the data, including personalized programs of computer will be irreversibly formatted. It uses the following algorithm:
- reset - replaces data with zeros;

- replace data pseudo-random numbers to hide the fact of deletion of data;

- replace data with data from a custom table. 3-7 times data is overwritten.

- the algorithm of P. Gutmann (replace data with numbers from a special table. Data is overwritten up to 35 times);

algorithm B. Schneier.
Download and install the free program Ersaer shredder to permanently delete files and folders.
Follow click right mouse button on the file you want to delete to display the context menu.
Please note that menu has a new item - Eraser with two items: Erase (delete now) and the Erase on restart to remove it when the computer starts).
Open the context menu of the desired drive and select Erase unused space for rubbing of free disk space.