Before you learn to climb the hill, and it mimics the overpass, you need to be able to move forward, to follow the indications of the tachometer, to use the handbrake. Start driving with manual transmission always causes a lot of difficulties. Although it's not the ability to shift the transmission, and the feeling of the gas pedal and clutch. Overexposure clutch or Vice versa, informed the press-up, always leads to the fact that the engine stalls. The gas pedal and clutch are working in the direction opposite to each other. Pressing the gas, you begin to let go of the clutch. How much gas you have clicked, so much grip and let go. There are machines with high-speed motor (cars with a small engine capacity, but high torque), in which gas it is necessary to give a little more.
Learn to move smoothly, but quickly and without slipping. When climbing a hill the car rolled back back should be minimal. For the exam on the viaduct need to use the handbrake. Start to learn how to start using the Parking brake on a level road. A common mistake of beginners is that they release the handbrake before the car is started. And moreover, it is impossible to release the handbrake before you engage first gear.
Another common mistake on the viaduct is wrong braking. You need to call on the overpass, stay on the lift and fix the car. To do this, press on the brakes, holding the pedal, depress the clutch pedal and shift into first gear to neutral, clutch pedal to press. After that, pull the handbrake lever until it stops. And all these actions are done while depressing the brake. To release the brake pedal after you pulled the emergency brake, be very careful. If you feel that the car began to roll back, then the "handbrake" was stretched not to the end. Quickly tap on the brake pedal even harder and pull the lever.