Contact the Polish Central Bureau of, divisions of the Polish registry office ( and archival database ( Such requests will only be accepted in writing (in Polish) and sent by mail
Try to find data on relative website ("the Polish phone book"). Note: enter the contact information in the form fields you need in the Polish language. However, this applies to almost all other search engines and services on the Internet.
Go to the website http://wyczajka.comwhere you can find information about inhabitants of Poland, of the organizations and firms. The query search is usually redirected to, page of the Polish version of Wikipedia and on social networks, popular with the people of this country. If the search was successful, then in the window on the right will indicate not only coordinates your family member, but search system, using which the information was obtained. Almost identical works and the site Information about companies (if you know where this person) can also be obtained on the website
If you know Polish on the level of spoken language, call the Polish information Bureau (118-913). Provided that you are aware of not only the house number, but the address of this man will give you his phone number. If you do not know even how correctly written the name and surname of your relative in Polish, try to place ads on Russian forums and message boards in Poland. For example, under the heading "Miscellaneous/people Search.
Contact "Polish club" ( helps to reunite families who find themselves victims of repatriation. However, the club can apply to almost any citizen who's looking for their relatives or friends in Poland.
Continue searching through charitable organizations. For example, contact the Polish organization, which usually helps foreign nationals in these matters, "Caritas": If you searching for cousin trapped, in your opinion, to dealers female charms, please contact the Foundation "La Strada": Don't forget to refer to the ITAKA Foundation, which searches for missing people:
Contact Polish detective Agency:, and many others.