You will need
  • - a Windows installation disc.
If you want just delete the folder Windows, and you have a computer or laptop already has another operating system, then do it through Windows Explorer. Press start and E to open "My computer".
Go to list of folders of the local drive that has Windows directory. Highlight it and press Shift+Del. Several times to confirm the deletion of specific files.
In that case, if you have not installed a new operating system, connect this hard drive to another computer. Repeat the algorithm described in the previous two steps.
To delete a folder in Windows during installation, the operating system must perform several steps. Begin the installation of the new OS. If we are talking about Windows XP, then install after opening the list of available local drives, select the partition where the folder you want to delete.
Select "Format in NTFS". Press F to confirm. Wait until the formatting process section. If you do not need to install the OS, simply shut down the computer.
In that case, if you use a Windows installation disk Vista or Seven, then there are two ways of cleaning section. In the third window, select "advanced restore options". Go to "Command prompt". Type the command Format D: where D is the letter of the partition on which Windows folder is located.
If you do not want to use the command line, press the "Install" button in the third window. When you see the list of partitions and hard disks, click "drive options".
Select the partition where Windows folder is located, and click "Format." Turn off the computer if you do not want to install a new operating system.