Advice 1: How to remove network folder

Network folders are created in Windows operating system to simplify resource sharing in local network. If the folder becomes unnecessary, it can be deleted, however, the rules are specified by the security policy of the OS. Therefore, under the removal for users network folders with different sets of rights can be understood different operations.
How to remove network folder
If you want to delete the folder located locally on your computer and used as a shared network resource, that is, which is the network for other computers in the network, it is very simple. Start Windows Explorer, double click "My computer" or by simultaneously pressing the keys win + e. Then navigate to the folder you want to remove, highlight it and press the delete key. On confirmation from the Conductor answer in the affirmative.
If you need to delete a network share located on another computer, then this is also possible through Windows Explorer and the sequence of actions will be the same as in the previous case. However, the essential feature is that a user with administrator rights on the computer that stores the network folder, in its properties you should be set enough permissions for this operation.
If you only want to remove the link to the network folder so it was not in your computer, and the folder itself need not be physically removed from the computer disk on which it was placed, and this can be done through Windows Explorer. Running it, go to redundant network folder and click the right mouse button. In the popup context menu, click "Disconnect network drive". This command is in the Explorer menu - it is placed in the Service section of the file Manager.
You can disable the network folder and from the command line. To do this, press win + r, type cmd and press enter - so start the emulator command line. After that, enter the net use command after a space indicate the network drive letter that you want to disable, put a colon, a space and a slash, and then type delete. Look this team may, for example, so: net use Z: /delete. Typing a command press enter and the network drive will be disconnected.

Advice 2 : How to remove network drive

Operating system Windows XP allows you to share network users to folders and drivesstored on a separate computer. The access is via the interface of the system itself or via the command line. There are several ways to create and delete network drives.
How to remove network drive
Method # 1.
• Open the start menu and select "Run...",
• Type cmd and click OK
• This will open the command prompt window. Type net use t: \imaginutrition, where t is the name of the created network drive
• To delete existing network drive, enter the command net use t: /delete, where t is the name of the removed disk.
Method # 2.
• In the context menu of "My computer", select "Explorer",
• In the menu "Tools" select "map network drive...",
• In the opened window, specify a name for the drive and path to the folder that you want to make public,
• To delete existing network drive in the tools menu select Disconnect network drive...".
Method # 3.
• Open My network places and click Entire network, click Microsoft Windows Network",
• Open domain, then the computer whose resources need to be shared,
• Select the resource and from the context menu, select "map network drive...",
• To delete an existing shared resource in the context menu, select "Disconnect network drive...".
When you remove (disconnect) network drive, you delete its icon from Explorer system.

Advice 3 : How to remove user folder

Folder user is a system directory that contains documents, photos, videos, music and other files used by the account owner of a personal computer.
How to remove user folder
You will need
  • utility Unlocker;
  • - file Manager Far.
If you have the opportunity to come with an account user operating system containing files that you want to remove, log in under the appropriate login and password, delete the not needed folders from the computer. Please note that system files and folders (My documents, My Pictures, My Music) in this case is still not deleted in the usual way, it can be removed only from their content.
If you want to completely remove the folder of documents user Windows download the operating system under the account of another account. If there is none, create it. Open the control panel by the computer and go to the menu responsible for account settings. In the list of available accounts, select by pressing the left mouse button the folder which you want to delete. Select the menu remove account. In this case, the uninstall fails completely, even to the system folders.
If none of the above methods do not fit your situation, download any program to force removal of files and folders, for example, Unlocker. After installation the context menu appears an additional item, use it and remove locked folders from your computer. Before using this utility to carefully read its interface and basic features.
Download Far Manager from any of the torrent or the official website of the developer. Install the program on your computer, start it, open its menu is the folderthat contains the data the useryou want to delete. Select it and press Alt+Delete. You can also use other similar utilities, however, this could not be better with access to various computer directories and delete the unavailable elements of the operating system.
System folders often do not lend themselves to simple removal.
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