You will need
  • • access to the Internet;
  • • knowledge of ' natural or legal person who is in need of the desired code;
  • • tax documents – for example, "notice of registration of the physical person with the tax authority".
It is easiest to learn the code of the tax authority to the one who stood on the account in tax Department as the individual entrepreneur. In this case, the tax office sends a special notification about the registration, which indicates the code of the tax authority (
If you are not an individual entrepreneur and for the first time enter into relationships with the tax service, its code is easy to find in the Internet. Just enter a search query: "code of tax authority". You can find a lot of resources that allow you to learn the code of the tax authority at the payer. For example, Here you can easily find out not only the necessary code, but code OKATO and address of the tax Inspectorate. You need to choose your region, then your town, and address. The guide will give you all the data.
You can also contact the official website of the Federal tax service of the Russian Federation Here you can find everything that you need to be honest with the taxpayer to resolve its relationship with the tax authority, mi. On the main page, you will find a section called "E-services". Here, among the mass of useful services, there is a very useful service called "filling out a payment order". With his help, even if you do not intend to complete this errand, you can easily find out the code of the tax authority. Not paying attention to first fill point, click on the "Next" button. The page will open in which you need to select the region and then again click "next". You will see the following item ' which need to be filled. Progressive filling data ' and clicking all the time on the "Next" button, you can get the desired code of the tax authority, which will be located at the end of the first paragraph of the payment document. All! Then you can document is empty, as code of the tax authority (or code IFNS) are obtained.