You will need
  • - Hairdryer
  • - protectant for heat styling;
  • - round brush with metal or wooden base;
  • - straightening Styler.
Wash your hair as you usually do, and give her a little dry on their own. You should not dry hair right after you just washed. For installation, they should be slightly moist.
Apply on entire length of hair protectant for heat styling (it is desirable that it was liquid in the spray), and with her head down, dry first using a hair dryer the hair roots with your hands. Thus, you will create extra root volume to your hair. Comb the hair over the entire length of a conventional comb, preferably wooden.
Raise your hair with clips up, so they will not interfere during installation. Leave only a few bottom strands. Now a round brush for styling and a Hairdryer start to pull each section of hair, directing the hot air from the Hairdryer downwards from root to ends. Do not forget to fix the styling each strand of hair with cold air from a hair dryer. And so do with the whole head, gradually releasing the strands from the top of the clips.
Now lower your head down and a Hairdryeragain, directing him up and down, walk around the entire head only to have cold air. This will help to consolidate the packing and to close the open scales on the tips of the hair, causing your hair to be more shiny.
Apply to the ends hair straightening Styler. This will help to preserve the styling, the hair will eventually shining.