You will need
  • computer, printer, Internet, A4 paper, printing enterprise, the relevant documents
Enter in the appropriate field of the accounting year for which complete the book of accounting of incomes and expenses
Enter a document code in accordance with the national classification of management documentation.
Enter the date of the document in the order year, month and day.
Fill in the full name of the company, surname, name and patronymic of the individual entrepreneur.
Specify the code of the enterprise in accordance with the national classification of enterprises and organizations.
Enter in the appropriate box taxpayer identification number and code of registration for your organization, taxpayer identification number for the individual entrepreneur.
Write the name of the selected object of taxation in accordance with article 346.14 of the RF Tax code.
Specify the full address of the firm, place of residence of the individual entrepreneur (postal code, oblast, city, district, settlement, street, house number, buildings, apartments).
Enter the number and date of issue of the notice on possibility of application of the simplified system of taxation.
Register the documents confirming incomes and expenses of your company, enter their amount. Calculate totals of income and expenses for each quarter, half year, nine months.
Fill in the table of cost of acquisition of fixed assets and intangible assets taken into account when calculating the tax base. Calculate the total amount of expenditures for each fiscal period.
Calculate the amount of the loss reducing tax base tax payable in connection with application of simplified system of taxation, for each code string indicating values for the reporting year in which to complete the book of accounting of incomes and expenses.
After complete filling of the book of the official person of the tax authority puts his signature with details, the date of adoption of the document.