You will need
  • - birth certificate;
  • - 2 photos 3x4.
Prepare the birth certificate. It is on the basis of this document will be issued your passport.
Make 2 photos 3x4. One of them will be placed directly in your passport, the second - in the individual case. Images can be color, black and white. Check with the passport office what the background should be in the photo. Somewhere taking photos exclusively with a white background, somewhere suitable photo on a pale grey background.
Visit passport office and take a slip for the payment of the state fee. You can pay it in any Bank. Also payment can be made via the terminal or the Internet. Please note that you must provide a receipt or payment receipt along with other documents.
Collect all documents in one folder. To do their collection and until the execution of 14 years. Bring birth certificate, proof of payment of registration fee, the photographs in the housing office or management company.
Apply for a passport. In most Hoo it is written in black pen in block letters. When writing statements focus on the submitted sample.
Wait 2 weeks for the passport to be ready. After this period come to the passport office to which you attached, and get your first passport. Before to take it, sign on the second page of this document. With passport you have to return the birth certificate, which you provided as your main document.
Please note that all the documents along with photographs must pass no later than 30 days after the execution of 14 years. If documents are not filed in a timely manner, parents or guardians will have to pay a fine, pursuant to article 19.15 of the Code of administrative offences. In 2011 the amount of the fine is 2-2,5 thousand rubles.