Before submitting your CV, please carefully read the requirements of the employer to the candidate. They are spelled out in the announcements of the selection of employees. One of the most frequent causes of failure of consideration or your inquiry, is the mismatch of vacant posts.
Remember,your CV is your "face" and this is how it is composed, creating the first impression of the employer about you. If you just write age, phone number and name about the invitation to the interview can be forgotten.
Write a summary in the official form, except in some case when the employer requires to write a "creative" treatment. If you use various colors, pictures and fonts in your profile, then you will create the wrong idea, and consequently will be denied. Model resume samples can be found on the Internet.
If you are submitting your application via the Internet, it is not necessary to write accounts where your name is spelled correctly or changed. Letters with such aliases as "Good kitty" or "Brave macho" certainly interested Secretary, Manager, or HR specialist, but they are unlikely you will be invited for an interview. Therefore, when registering a mailbox, specify your real name.
If within three to four days you do not call you themselves to contact the company where you are trying to find a job. Correctly ask whether they received your resume. The letter might have never reached before. But don't be Intrusive, and don't call every day with the question : "When are you just gonna give me an interview?", such resilience can also leave a negative footprint on your personality.
If you have an appointment, pick up clean clothes and read information about the company where you are employed. For example, if you come in a bad way – security can you not let even on the threshold of the office of the company. But additional knowledge about the scope of the company will be a plus point in interview.