You will need
  • switch;
  • - network cables.
Purchase a network hub (switch). This equipment will need to combine all computers into a single network. Remember that you can connect and laptops. Now select a sufficiently powerful computer that will be connected to the Internet. Purchase a network card and install it on your chosen PC.
Install the drivers for this network card. Now, connect all computers and other devices with network hub. Connect this equipment to the mains. With the PC you have chosen to carry out the functions of the router, go to the Internet.
Configure the connection to the Internet, creating a new connection and entering the desired data. Be sure to check that it is working. Now open the menu containing the list of active networks on this computer. Go to properties of the network adapter that is connected to the switch. Open the settings of the Internet Protocol TCP/IP.
Activate the option "Use the following IP address". Set the value of a static (permanent) IP address equal to Save settings this menu. Open the properties of your Internet connection and go to the tab "Access". Find and activate the function that allows other network users to use this Internet connection.
At this stage you have finished configuring the first PC. Now open the properties of the network adapters of other computers. In this case we are talking about network cards connected with a hub. Run the following configure TCP/IP:
- 101.124.124.X – IP-address
- – subnet Mask
- – default gateway
- – DNS servers.
Note that the parameter X must be greater than one, but less than 250. Save the settings and reboot all computers. Constantly make sure that the Internet access of the first PC was active.