All of the techniques this type of massage is perform in the direction of the flow of lymph, it will contribute to the improvement of the buttocks. Massage escort in the direction to the center and from the bottom up.
At first gently stroking the buttocks, s palm edge. Movements start from the periphery and gradually move to the center. The amount of pressure slightly increase. Top wipe the iliac crest, and the bottom pass through the desired length of the pleat.
Then make a quick circular stroking. Do it the bases of the palms of both hands. The spiral arms move in different directions from side surfaces to the sacrum bone. Then make the same motion, but with deeper pressure.
After warming up go to a unidirectional transverse kneading of body fat. To do this, grab with your fingers horizontal fat fold and knead vigorously from the bottom up.
Follow wipeabate kneading. Between the index finger and thumb vertically capture the folds of fat and carefully stretch it from side surfaces to the center. Here you need to feel the measure to avoid bruising.
Then a quick light movements of your fingers do the Pat on the buttocksam on the same lines as the previous movement.
Then do massage of the coccyx. To do this, make intense circular motion clockwise.
Finish the massage stroking. Light circular movements of your palms to spend on buttocksam. This massage acts positively and rasslablenie on the entire body.
To reinforce the action of anti-cellulite massage, before use lubricate the buttocksyou honey. In this case, the pats need more power. While apply both hands to the body and try as you can to get them off. Do a series of these to Pat until the honey gradually change color from yellow to gray.
This massage of the buttocks must be carried out through the day. And after ten sessions you are surprised to feel the firmness of the muscles. After bringing in the shape of your seductive buttocks you can use the following types of massage — an erotic massage of the buttocks.