It is theoretically possible to correct all the mistakes, continuing to write unique posts and buying links. But it may take a lot of time before the situation somehow changes. Or worse, nobody will give guarantees that the filter will be removed. And who likes to waste time and money without getting any results? So it's easier to change your domain and improve on. Move the site to a new domain that you previously chose. This stage does not cause problems, the main thing - to complete the registration process and register DNS, wait for a delegation.
Tie the name to the hosting site. Then configure the redirect virus himself, writing in the file .htaccess (located in root folder of the site) the following lines:• RewriteRule (.*) http://name-sithi/$1 [R=301,L]
• RewriteEngine on
• Options +FollowSymLinksПосле that bots and users migrating outdated URL are automatically redirected to the new.
Next, list the new oral in robots.txt ie Host: the domain name ru. And add the new domain to Google Webmaster and Yandex.Webmaster. For this reason, there is a good and very useful advice, which is that search engines need to "feed" the old and new sitemap. The first will speed up the process of indexing pages that are not in the old blog, the second will allow you to download all outdated pages with the configured 301st redirect. And this in turn will help to update the index.
Configure the 404 page (old domain). And specify in it that the blog has changed its address. After all the steps performed for changing the domain name, is to wait for the moment when the search engine reindexes all pages and control the appearance of possible errors.