You will need
  • - computers;
  • - network equipment;
  • software Winroute.
Without the gateway, you run the following network card settings: – network address of the computer running Winroute. mask; as domain name servers specify network IP address of the same card.
Select the network settings provided by your ISP - real IP, mask, gateway, DNS provider, but it is not bringing data to the external network card, but a little differently. For example, the settings given to you by the provider, will look like the following:
ip 76.482.0.99 real network address; mask mask;
gate 76.482.0.97 gateway;
76.482.0.97 dns – domain address provider.
The end result of the entering the data should look like this:
ip 76.482.0.99;
gate 76.482.0.97; dns - the primary domain server address specify the network address of the internal card;
76.482.0.97 as the second alternate domain server addresses enter the DNS server of the provider.
Click the Advanced button. In the DNS tab, uncheck Register this item connectionТs addresses in DNS tab M change WINS Enable LMHOSTS lookup on Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP.
Open control panel, select Network connections. Open the advanced options menu , on the tab "Adapters and bindings" drag "Local Area Connection" on the top position.
View the settings of the network card of the client computer, they must have approximately the following form:
gate - as a gateway, specify the network address of the computer with Winroute dns - the primary domain server address specify the IP address of the computer with Winroute.
In Winroute from the menu select configuration settings click DNS Forwarder, check the box for Enable, specify the DNS server address of the provider. Setting up the domain names of peer-to-peer network is complete.