You will need
  • - Computer or laptop;
  • program – alarm clock.
Turn on the computer or laptop. Wait for the download of all programs, including antivirus software. Connect the computer to the Internet. See if your computer already has a program that allows you to realize the functions of alarm clock.
If such a program is not installed, find the download or online a special software that gives your PC an additional function alarm clock. Such software are many, in order to find the optimal solution for the configuration of their own hardware and operating system settings, just enough to make a request to one of the most popular search engines Runet.
Launch the installer program and select the directory to load. The icon will appear on desktop and in quick launch. Open the program window. Typically, this software is complex and confusing interface, so to understand it will be easy. It now remains only to turn on the alarm.
Check the clock. If everything is correct, you can proceed to setting up the future of the signal. Select a ringtone from a list of standard, but many programs offer to supply your sound or song to signal. Next, set the time of the call, the length of the signal, the number of repetitions and frequency by day of the week. Save the settings. Put a test date and time and watch how your alarm goes off. If a signal is sent to the minute, the process can be considered successful.