In order for the computer acquired the function of alarm clock, you can install the appropriate program. And then only from your imagination depends how computer alarm clock. Perhaps he will Wake you up with voice of my mother or turn on your favorite show at a certain time for relaxation.
For the simplest computer clock can be used and installed Windows XP, especially if you have remote work and use the computer around the clock.
To make an alarm clock on your computer, select the computer "start"-"All programs" - "Accessories" - "system tools - "scheduled tasks". Right-click the mouse on a blank spot and create a new job "to Create" - "New task".
Rename the shortcut to "Alarm". Click on the label "New task", right-click, select "Rename".
Double click the left mouse button, the task Service. Select the "Run" window and indicate in the file by which the computer should Wake you up in the morning. This may be just the melody that is selected using "Browse" button from your music collection, and can be especially created your audio file in the format file.mp3. In any case, you should specify the path to the location of the desired musical or sound accompaniment. In the "Enabled" checkbox.
Click on the tab "Schedule", frequency "weekly", select the checkboxes for the days of the week that you need to get up by the alarm time – for example, 7.00 (or what you need).

Click on the tab "Settings" - "Wake the computer to run this task".
Click "OK", enter the user password, confirm it. Now your computer will Wake you up in the morning. The melody of the tone or sound can be updated periodically. Most importantly, do not disconnect the computer from the network, to keep it in "Standby mode"