For quality replacement kitchen fronts you need to very carefully examine the functionality and durability of your kitchen furniture. After that, if the basic design of all its modules is in good condition, you can begin to work on the replacement of its external parts. You come to the aid of imagination, as the choice of material for the facades of the dishes and their color range is very large. It is important not to forget about the overall style of the kitchen. If you change the Wallpaper or put new tiles, and maybe replace the tile panel with photo print, then consider in advance the accent color and style. Please note all items to ensure that new facades fit perfectly.
First you need to take measurements of facades, it is better to seek help of master measurer. If this is not possible, then take the old facades after removing them from the overall design to the factory, where you can order a new one. There, after selection of style, cutting, color, and material you will order. When the fronts are ready, you can begin to replace them. It is better not to use the old mounts, hinges, guides, as it all tends to break down, to deteriorate, especially after the re-install. In order to properly install the facades, in places where the loops need to do milling, the recess, in which is placed part of the loop. Let you will do it at the factory for an extra payment, because there is a risk of damaging the front part of the kitchen, if you decide to do on their own.
In advance you will need to think about handles, which must be installed on the front part of the kitchen. Their position for attaching must be easy to use. On the basis of the spacing of drilled holes on the front, and the handle is mounted with screws that come in the kit.
The preparatory work is completed, you can start hanging facades. For attachment of the front part of the kitchen you will need a drill or screwdriver, and Phillips screwdriver to adjust the fronts. In accordance with the marking of the fastening of facade at the base of the cabinets are attached to the hinges, and hung them on the front and with screws it is aligned horizontally and vertically. This is the final stage of replacement of the facades for the kitchen.
Such work can make a person who knows how to handle a tape measure, a screwdriver and a screwdriver, thus you will be able to save on the setup wizard.