It should be noted, it is recommended to keep this plant in bright diffused light. To cypressyou were strong and high, you need to plant them in the spring on a glazed balcony, which is located on the South side. When start cold, the plant needs to be put in the room. At low temperature it may die.
Cypress trees, especially small ones, much like water. With a lack of water, will be their death. The ground should be moist. But watch that you do not pour the trees. This is especially harmful when they grow in the sun. Regularly spraying with a hand sprayer. For this purpose you will need the water at room temperature.
Spraying is best done several times a day. The land should not be dry. Cypresses don't like the heat from room battery. Put the plant as far away from her. In older homes, when grown, can cause problems. The fact that in such constructions the plant is constantly suffering from the heat. This is especially noticeable in the winter. The plant is bad for the draft. Therefore, you need to place it away from vents.
In winter, try to make a more cool temperature. The cypress grows best at this time on the Northern and Eastern window. If during this period the plant is located on the southern or Western window, then when the summer season, it is necessary to move to the North window.
In the period from may to October, the plant must be outdoors. From may to October, you need to make a light dressing. Cypress easily tolerates pruning. In winter, when there is excess heat, the plant spider mites is affected. Reproduction of cypressand is carried out by cuttings. Put them under the plastic caps. The most favorable soil temperature of +25 °C. If necessary, the spring can perform the transplant in a mixture of humus, turf and pine land.