You will need
  • Spruce, felled or container
  • Water and salt
  • Glycerin
  • Aspirin
  • Gelatin
  • Sand
  • Pan and pot with holes at the bottom
  • Spray
Cut off the stem, cut a Christmas tree at an angle of 45 degrees and place it in a bucket of sand. Pour a liter of water. Sand should never dry out! Some craftsmen watered the new year a plant with salted water that allows it to stand in the house until March and not dry.
Dissolve a tablespoon of sugar in three pints of water, add an aspirin and a little gelatin and pour this solution that you cut a Christmas tree every 2 days. In addition, once a week to use for watering tree solution of glycerol (50%) to the needles as long as possible rubs off.
Buy a Christmas tree in a container – it will last you at least 2 years, after which it can be planted in the open ground. Take the plant with supple branches and fresh root system, which is located in the wet earth. Try to crack a twig. If it is flexible, does not break immediately with a Bang, the tree is alive, recently dug out of the ground.
Put the tree in a dry and warm room and serve her water in the pan – it will absorb as much moisture as it needs. There should be no drying of the soil, no stagnant water in the pot. Growers are not advised to water the tree with fertilizers, as long as it is in a warm room. Regularly spray spruce needles with clean water from a spray bottle. At the end of the Christmas holidays, place the plant in the glassed-in loggia or canopy of a private home.