You will need
  • -the tape;
  • pencil;
  • paper;
  • cloth.
First, try to carve out one-piece sleeve, which is suitable to any kind of clothing. For this, first of all, remove the measurements. To start, measure the length of sleevesand length of sleeves to the elbow. Write the data. Next, measure the circumference of the arm at the shoulder and the girth of the wrist.
Taking off measurements and using their time in the drawing of the pattern, don't forget about raises. Order sleeve loose comfortable fit, add about 6-8 cm to measure girth hands. For a free fit to the circumference of the wrist try to retreat as much as you see fit. It mostly depends on the style of clothing.
Start building patterns. Grab any large sheet of paper, start from its left edge 7-8 inches, then draw a straight angle. Its vertex is point A. Downward from this point we can measure the length of the sleeves. In the end the straight line we put a point N. This line is the middle of our sleeves. Next, you will need to drop the perpendicular, which will be the bottom of the sleeve.
Bottom line we can measure the circumference of the wrist, adding to it 2 cm From the line of the middle of set aside equal to the size in both directions.
Next, measure the length of the armhole on the pattern products for which we make a sleeve. This value, divide by 3 and proofread from the result of division 2. This result put from point A on the line down the middle. Swipe perpendicular. From the middle again to both sides, set aside half of the circumference of shoulder in each direction.
Points that you have formed, connect with point A. the line that you have left after that, divide into four parts. First, divide each in half, then divide in half again.
The front and back of our sleeves best sign to avoid confusion. Point a is the middle point to cut out sleeves. Note that in the process of sewing it is combined with the shoulder.