You will need
  • - computer with anti-virus software installed;
  • - access to the Internet.
Find and download keys for Kasperskyto install them in the program. Click on the link on this website you can find the latest versions of keys for all versions antivirus Kaspersky. To enter the key in KIS 2010, you can use the keys from the seventh and eighth versions of the program. Fromthe keys tothe Internet, navigate to the KIS program, select in the lower right corner of the command "License" to start the license Manager. In the opened window, select the current key and click "Delete" to remove used and expired license. Confirm the deletion, then click "Activate new license". A window opens in which select the "Activate commercial version". In it, enter the activation code st8n6-k6zet-tjwfh-xm5rj or AAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAA-AAAA3. Click "Next". Displayed error message - ignore the error attention, and at the bottom of the window, find the field in which you want to choose a key file to Kaspersky from your computer.
Click "Browse" in the window, specify the path to the key file for the program-antivirus. You can activate Kaspersky using a key from the seventh, eighth version of this antivirus. Click "OK". Then restart the computer. If activation fails, follow next step.
Fromthe keys tothe Internet, click Activate, select "Activate trial version", click "Next". The program will not be able to connect to the server because there is no Internet access, therefore you will see the error message and offer activation using the key. Specify the path to the key file in the selection field to set the key for Kaspersky.
Download new keys for Kaspersky, if after some time the key will be blocked. Just go to the website SuperKeys.Ru. Install a new key in the same way. Keys for antivirus Kaspersky and Kaspersky Internet Security other versions are installed the same way.