You will need
  • - a computer with pre-installed software;
  • - Kaspersky anti-virus (with an activation code or without);
  • -access to the Internet.
Install anti-virus software package virus. To do this, go to the Internet and type in the browser address bar Download from the website of Kaspersky lab's most recent distribution of software antivirus on your computer and install it. Kaspersky anti-virus will start working immediately, but in a shortened, multifunctional mode.
Purchase on the website of Kaspersky lab or in a computer store the activation code of antivirus. After checking the code on the server of Kaspersky and obtaining the key file, antivirus software will start working in full force. If a key file fails, for example because over time, the action, open a browser and in the address bar enter the following link:
In the pop up on the computer screen page of the virus in the blank fields enter the necessary data. You will need to enter the activation code, client number and the password that you have set for these actions. Next on the page enter your e-mail address, name, country of residence. Be careful when filling out this page, as carelessness can lead to the fact that the key will be sent to another address. A second request can be done only after some time. For obvious reasons, the website of the Kaspersky monitors the requests for keys for antivirus program and it remembers the ip addresses of computers from which the request arrives.
After entering personal data, please note the following table that will appear on the screen. Here you need to check all input that you provided. In this step, you can still change the e-mail more convenient, the work or correct the error in the previously entered details. To obtain the key file to the specified e-mail click to e-mail.