You will need
    • a kilo of pork meat;
    • bell peppers (only one);
    • two onions;
    • about three tablespoons of tomato paste;
    • salt
    • greens
    • spices – to taste.
Wash meat and remove excess water. You can just blot the meat with a paper towel. If meat has much fat, it is better to be partially cut, and the dish will be too oily and not as pleasant to the taste.
Have the meat into small pieces. The smaller the pieces, the faster the prepared dish. Better if they have the same shape
Fry the pieces of meat in a pan with a little olive or vegetable oil. The pan for frying should choose deep, because there will be added to other ingredients. The meat is fried not long, within two to three minutes. Fry it to a crisp no need.
In the roasting process, add the meat, salt, pepper and pour the meat with water so that it completely covers the meat. Bring a dish to a boil and reduce heat.
The pan cover and continue to simmer the dish on low heat.
Watch carefully for filling the pan with water and pour it out as boiling. In the process of cooking the water should fully cover the meat.
Once the pork reaches half, about 20-30 minutes, cut into half rings onions and slices of sweet pepper.
For lovers of spicy food in addition to sweet peppers add a little spicy. Also, at its discretion, in the dish you can add garlic and carrots. Basically, add the vegetables can choose according to your wishes, who you like more. Most importantly, the vegetables should be finely chopped.
Add all the vegetables to the meat.
After cooking, sprinkle the dish with finely chopped herbs and let it infuse.