You will need
  • A visit to the tax office and submit the required documents.
Seniors put special deductions. Every month tax deduction is 3 thousand rubles, of which 13% can be returned by contacting the tax office.
In addition, the pensioner may receive a tax deduction for medical treatment, which is exactly how much is spent in total funds for healthcare or spouse. This includes medicines, and contributions to pay for medical insurance. But this amount may not exceed 50 thousand rubles in the same period. And plays no role, had any medical care in a public institution or in private, the main thing – the license.
To obtain a concessional deduction, the retiree should contact the tax office at the place of residence with the application for the deduction and the documents that confirm the cost of treatment.
Once in a lifetime an individual can avail tax deduction on the purchase or construction of housing, and if, before reaching retirement age, this option was not previously, then this can be done now.
The return is 13% of the deduction amount, but not more than 130 thousand rubles. If housing costs less than 1 million rubles, the amount of the deduction you can add the cost of repairs and the services of a broker. If in the current tax period, the deduction was not fully used, the remainder can be transferred to the next tax period, until it is completely be consumed.
At the time of the transaction of purchase and sale of residential real estate is it registration and retain ownership rights to housing through the issuance of a right of ownership.
To receive a tax deduction, the retiree must submit to tax inspection the contract to purchase housing or shares in a house or apartment, as well as the act on the transfer of housing to the buyer or other documents that confirm the right of ownership. But you can apply only after the current tax period.