You will need
  • - tax Declaration;
  • - passport;
  • - the document confirming the right to tax deduction;
  • - the certificate on form 2-NDFL.
Get a tax deduction if you have recently retired and left the job. According to the updated Russian legislation you have the right to postpone a tax deduction for the acquisition of property or fees for the previous three years. That is, if you acquired the property in 2012 and on retirement went to work in 2011, that the necessary deduction can be carried forward and paid to you for the income you received in 2010. On the issues of the specifics of filling of the tax Declaration for clearance of such payments, contact the tax authority at the place of residence.
For people who have not worked before, also have the opportunity to regain some of the money spent on the purchase of housing. They can apply for the deduction on the income to be received in the future. For example, if an unemployed person buys an apartment in 2012 and in the next, 2013, job and begins to receive a salary subject to 13% tax, then in the spring of 2014 he will be able to submit a Declaration for registration of a deduction.
If you have not received income subject to 13% tax, three years before the purchase of the property and not found work for three years then you lose the right to deduction.
To obtain a deduction please contact a tax authority for filing. With them, you must have documents: a contract of sale of housing, contract with a construction firm indicating the cost of the works (if you build a house), the contract on rendering of paid educational services. His salary will need to confirm the certificate 2-pit, received in the accounting Department of your organization. Pass all the paper and a completed Declaration of tax officials. After that your Bank account will be refunded the portion paid by your employer income tax.
If you purchased a property in joint ownership, make the deduction on someone while running. For example, this is true in the case of acquisition of the flat by spouses.
When you pay your tuition working parents encourage them to make and receive a tax deduction.