You will need
  • - cotton thread;
  • - the hook on the thickness of the threads;
  • - beads, colored thread, for decoration;
  • needle.
Select for embroidery cotton thread, thick or medium thickness. This may be the Garus or "iris" in 2-3 additions. For Garus suitable hook №2, wound in several strands of "iris" is 2.5. Binding should be very tight, especially in the upper part.
Make chain of 5 loops and lock her in a circle. Tie in 10-12 simple ring of columns. Distribute them evenly in a circle. Skull cap can be knit in circles or in a spiral. In the first case, close the circle and make prostovisa 1 air loop for lifting. The second option will smoothly transition from one to another. In order to measure distance from the center evenly to add a loop, mark with a knot of a different color the second row.
During the knitting the following rows at equal intervals add loop. Provarite 2 loops in the first column of the previous row, do 4 or 5 columns, and again add 1 column. As the distance from the center of the intervals between the additions of the loops increase. Stay tuned to the edge it was smooth. Wavy line is obtained by adding too many loops. In this case it is better to dissolve the last row and bind it again, reducing the number of new columns.
When you have a slightly convex circle with a diameter of 12 cm, tie a few rows of decreasing number of loops. This is to ensure that the cap was not off his head. Decrease every row for 4 loops, promazyvaya together for 2 columns at equal intervals. Knit so no more than five rows. You should have something like a saucer with low sides.
Rim knit in a circle without the addition or subtraction of loops. Height 4-5 cm you Can knit all the time the same binding, and it is possible for the edge to make a fishnet pattern. It could be teeth or shells. For example, in this figure. From the beginning of the row tie a chain of 3 loops, skip 2 column of the previous row proverite 3 column with nakida, 3 air loop over 2 columns, 1 Poustovit in a column previous row. Repeat pattern to end of row. In the next row in the arc link on the 3-4 column, and the columns make polostevichi. You can take any other lace pattern.