You will need
  • - 100 g of yarn;
  • - hosiery needles.
For crochet beanie Pinocchio take soft woolen yarn, e.g. Merino or a blend of wool and acrylic in bright colors. But don't use mohair, if you're going to knit a hat for a child.
Measure the circumference of your head. Tie a sample size of approximately 10x10 cm, and calculate the number of loops in one centimeter. To do this, measure the width and count the number of loops in the sample. Next, divide this number by the measure of the width of the specimen. So you know how many loops in one centimeter. Now multiply the measure of the circumference of your head, and the number of loops in one centimeter.
Enter the required number of stitches on two knitting needles. Next knit elastic band 1 × 1 (one obverse and one reverse), while distributing them to the four spokes. Lock knitting in the round and continue knitting in pattern of about eight inches. Then knit the front stitch in a circle. Knit about fifteen centimeters from the beginning of knitting straight, not subtracting.
Next, evenly take away one loop on each needle staggered every second row. When the needles will remain eight to ten loops, close them and pull the thread.
Decorate the hat with a pompon or tassel. To make a pompom, make a template out of cardboard. Cut out a circle the diameter of the desired size of the POM-POM in the center cut out another circle of smaller diameter. Tightly wrap the template thread. Cut the threads along the edge of the pattern, slightly open the cardboard and firmly tie yarn in the middle. Remove parts of the template. Puff on the skin and cut the protruding thread. Sew the pompon to the hat.
To make the tassel, cut the cardboard rectangle. Length equal to the desired size brush. Wind the yarn on the pattern, the more turns will make, the more magnificent the will brush. Carefully remove the template and tie one side of the brush. The other side of the cut. Brush fan and cut the protruding thread. Now sew it to the hat.