You will need
  • - bunch of fresh parsley
  • - water
  • - a sharp knife
  • two pans of different diameters
Take a large bunch of fresh parsley. Rinse it well under running water. Try to separate each twig from each other to rinse well may fall on the leaves and the dirt ground. Shake the parsley to shake off excess drops of water. Possible for some time to put a bunch in a colander.
When excess water has drained, peel off a few sprigs and place on a cutting Board. With a sharp knife finely chop the grass. To prepare one serving of broth you only have two tablespoons chopped parsley.
In a wide saucepan or metal bowl, pour water and bring the water to a boil. In the water, put another pan, smaller, in which put chopped greens, drenched 1 Cup boiling water. Close the saucepan tightly with a lid. On this water bath will keep the broth for 10-15 minutes. Then set aside the saucepan, which prepared a decoction of parsley to the side and let cool to room temperature. This decoction there are different ways of application. In some cases when you need to take it inside for medicinal purposes, perhaps a little to dilute it, as in a water bath it is a bit more concentrated. To apply the same topically, for example, for cosmetic purposes, this concentration is well suited.
The remaining washed parsley prepare in order to make a new broth. Finely chop fresh parsley. Order. To long stored and is not faded, it needs to dry. Take a clean sheet of paper and even, fairly thin layer of spread on it cut the grass. On this sheet, and be dried parsley. Need to put it in a dry, dark place. Many Housewives dried grass, spread a sheet on the fridge or kitchen Cabinet. Given, of course, to fall on them Chad from the working plate. While the parsley is dried, it is necessary from time to time to stir and flip to all the grass dried out well. When it becomes quite dry and brittle, you can remove it in a glass jar with a lid. Better if the cover will also be glass or metal screw.
From such dried parsley you can prepare a decoction when needed. Take two tablespoons of raw materials Cup of boiling water, and nastoyaschii, decoction of parsley can help you in many situations.