Parsley contains vitamins and minerals in large quantity. Moderate consumption of this herb helps tone the muscles of many organs, normalizes the stomach and intestines. Infusions of parsley is able to dissolve the stones in the urinary tract, prevent intestinal fermentation, and normalize the menstrual cycle, as well as a great pain reliever.

If you have problems with heart, kidneys, colic in the gut, disturbed digestion, useful drinking fresh juice or decoction. Parsley perfectly eliminates puffiness and are able to relieve uterine bleeding. Doctors recommend parsley in the kidney stones.

But if you have acute cystitis, gout or nephritis, parsley best avoided or consumed in small quantities. Keep in mind that excessive consumption of parsley can cause miscarriage.

Parsley can cleanse the body from harmful toxins. Nutritionists advise overweight people collecting such as parsley, dandelion and fennel. Parsley has diuretic properties and can help in the treatment of prostate.

Cosmetologists have long since adopted the greens and parsley. The slurry from the parsley root is an excellent bleach. If you RUB the freckles with fresh juice of parsley, it is able to remove freckles. If you regularly wipe the face of decoction, skin will have a beautiful Shine and elasticity, smoothes small wrinkles.

Fresh juice cure different kinds of dermatitis, but if there are insect bites. If you chop the parsley and add fresh juice of leaves and put on the boil, it will pass quickly.