You will need
  • - a computer connected to the Internet
  • - the installed program icq
Run the program ICQ 6.5, ICQ 7.0. To do this, double click on the label with the image of daisies on your desktop. Twice klasnice on any contact from your contact list, and click the button with the picture of the smiley to insert a smiley in the message. Select and klasnice on it once. Smiley will appear in the message window. Next, append the desired text and send the message. Also, instead of smiley, you can dial a corresponding set of symbols which will be replaced when you send it to smile. In order to know how to insert smiley in ICQ with a symbol, go to the tab with smiles and hover the mouse on the desired smiley. A pop-up window with the symbol combination for that emoticon.
Download additional emoticonsto add smiley in ICQ. Start ICQ, then go to the tab with emoticons in any message window. Click on the line "Manage emoticons", then select "Add smilies". Select the smiley face on your computer. Enter a code, i.e. a set of characters that will be replaced with this smiley. Click “OK”. Then the smiley will appear in the selection window emoticons. Check whether the checkbox "Show more smilies". These emoticons will be shown in the message window of your interlocutor only if it is also install them.
Download additional emoticons to insert smiley in the message version of the program ICQ5. Next, go to the folder C:Program FilesQIPSkinsICQ5Smilies (default folder if you have installed ICQ to another location, then browse to the folder Smiles with the help of the search from the main menu), in this folder there are two folders: "Animated", and "Static". Delete the folder "Animated" and insert instead the same folder from the downloaded you. That is, replace it with a new one. Now close all the folders, go to the ICQ-client, and track the updating the Arsenal of emoticons.